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I didn't realize how much my stable angina pectoris was affecting the way I was feeling myself and my sleep until I started Vastarel. During the next two nights after I started Vastarel treatment I was sleeping about nine hours per night without any interruption. I felt myself fresh and full of energy in the morning for the first time in over 5 years. Nothing to say about the amazing way Vastarel eliminated all the angina symptoms. It is a great medication!

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I have been suffering from stable angina for some five years or so. Over the past year I started taking Vastarel every morning after my GP prescribed me with it. Things are getting gradually better, at least I feel this way and my tests seem to be better as well. Now the symptoms are gone and I can get a night sleep without waking up in the middle because of burning pain. I would recommend this medication to other people with heart problems like mine.

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